Web Development

Munster Tech Centre can build a website/online shop for your business. 

We will work with you to:

  1. Register the Domain Name.
  2. Choose a Host for your website.
  3. Create your website using tools such as WordPress, Opencart, Shopify, etc.
  4. Add content to the site.
  5. Test and review site before going live.
  6. Provide support and site maintenance. 


To guarantee a quality website:

  1. We document all requirements, and request client sign-off.
  2. Backups are stored, incase of change of mind or security issues.
  3. Additions/modifications are tested using specifically designed test suites.
  4. All links, images, buttons, forms, etc are validated every time the site is updated. 
  5. Font styles, colours and weights are inspected.
  6. Usability, System and Regression testing are performed.

What we test:

  1. Desktop browsers, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, on Window operating systems.
  2. Desktop browsers, Safari, Firefox, Chrome on Mac operating systems.
  3. Cross browsers for Android tablets and phones.
  4. Cross browsers for ipads and iphones.

Types of Tests:

  1. Validation of links, buttons and forms.
  2. Usability testing.
  3. System testing.
  4. Regression testing.

For More Info:

Call:     0656822655/ 0872935038 

Email: info@munstertechcentre.ie